Monday, October 15, 2007

Testing, testing: One, Two, Three...

Today is my second Chemistry exam which I spent all of ...five hours (plus the one hour today) studying for.

Do I feel confident? Hell no.

Do I care? Kinda, sorta.

I'm in one of those downbeat days. The ones where you dress up nice to make up for the fact that you feel like absolute crap.

I feel like I am losing grip on everything. And that honesty might not always be the best policy for me. I tend to just say how I feel and not think about what other people are going to think or how they might react. And then it always backfires with them getting angry, or frustrated.

I need to find a happy medium with what I let come out of my mouth ... or some really strong duct tape.


goosey said...

HEEHEE, duct tape... :-)

I think you are tactful & appropriate... for the most part. U've never upset ME!

Bou said...

and for real. honesty is the way to go these days. that's why i can't make new friends. lol. the shit that flies out of my mouth. that's also why i'm in production. we get away w/ the most inappropriate shit.