Friday, January 11, 2008

Vocabulary Junkies & Humanitarians Behold!

There is now a place for you to mingle, fraternize, commix, etc., etc.

I stole this from a girl who posted in this Women's group that LP had me join with her. I only stole it because hey, this is the kind of thing that needs to be spread about as fast as possible, and what an amazing and ingenious idea it is.

The site is called The premise? Elementary, my dear Watsons and Watson-ettes! Do you find yourself using an extremely large amount of SAT vocabulary and having no one to talk to? Or do you just have a plethera of SAT vocab words clinging to the tiny particles in your brain and have no where to put them to good use? Well my friends, now you can not only display your excellent vocab skills, but you can also be a humanitarian at the same time.

The peeps at have created a site that for every vocabulary word definition you score right, 20 grains of rice will be sent through the United Nations to starving families every where. The fight to end poverty ends right in the pages of your dictionary, folks.

Not only does it supply non-English speaking immigrants with a great site to help them learn new words, but hell, I've been in this country for 22 years and I have been having some slight difficulty on getting the right answer on some of those words.

And you might think that 20 grains of rice are pretty sparse for each word you get right but think of it this way - you know how you start playing Gold Digger and just can't stop yourself? This is how addictive this is, if you're a vocab fan like I am, of course. In a matter of about five minutes, I had "donated" 340 grains of rice. Wow. Not only does this thing make me feel smart, but I actually feel great for being a part of something truly awesome.

So check it out. :-)


goosey said...

I went on that website! But then when I realized that they don't STOP at a certain number of questions/words, I was like, "OK, I don wanna do this FOREVER." It was fun. I hope I really got rice for ppL!

SoNSo1 said...

I agree with goosey. I kept going for a while before realizing it doesn't stop.