Sunday, July 18, 2010

Racism is as racism does.

This is totally off the kilt of what I have been writing about as of late but I am sooo enraged right now by this "parody" letter that I read written by Tea Party bagger, Mark Williams. So enraged that I dropped him a little line on his website... he states that he enjoys reading what his listeners have to say so I figured I'd humor him just this once. Below is my submission:

Mr. "Mark Talk" or whoever the hell you think you are- You may think that because you are part of this "Tea Party" movement that you have some political entitlement to spew whatever comes out of your brain. But after just reading your "parody letter" written supposedly from the NAACP to the late President Lincoln, I am beginning to think that whatever thoughts you disperse with your "political entitlement" (And believe I use those terms with such enraged scoff) not only does NOT come from your brain, but more specifically comes from your ANUS. (Oh I am sorry, should my "coloredness" only allow me to use crude terms like ASSHOLE?) And by the looks of it, though I am sure that you would never publicly rebuke yourself, it seems that you have removed your letter from your site. Is it because you realized what a douche bag you really are? Or that the one line that your Tea-bagging ass shouldn't have crossed was calling the NAACP "racist"? Whatever the reason that caused you to remove your ridiculous letter from your site, I hope for humanity's sake that it's a strong enough reason for you to keep your thoughts to yourself for the rest of your life. 

To read Mr. Mark "the Talk" Williams' letter, check out the link for Disgrasian's blog here

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