Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This weekend!!!!


Not only is it JOHNNY DEPP. Not only is it TIM BURTON. But it's also one of my favorite pieces of literature (right up there with To Kill A Mockingbird and The Catcher in the Rye). 

I have been anticipating this movie for TWO years!!!! I heard about it being leaked on a film blog two years and almost died of pure unadulterated excitement. Cannot --- I repeat, CANNOT wait to see this movie! 

What a way to end such a crappy week of testing. Not only do I think I failed miserably on my Health 101 exam, but I think I did TERRIBLE on my Chemistry 107 as well (which is even more heart wrenching since it's my third time taking the class) AND I got a 76% on my Psychology 101 exam that was ONLINE (which is a disgrace since I guess I could've looked up the correct answers had I had enough sense to do so). 

I am hoping that I can turn this rough beginning to a school year around. At least now I know what to expect with each teacher.

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