Thursday, March 18, 2010

Earring Prospects for my outfit for the Wedding

Last weekend when J and I went to Tyson's (to help him find the last few things to complete his suit) I went into this really neat little Japanese-owned jewelry store. The stuff was all pretty reasonably priced but disguised to look like it cost more. I was able to find a couple of cute bracelets that I liked in a yellow that I think matches my shoes for the wedding dress, so I snatched them up! (I'll post a picture of them later!)

But now I am stuck with trying to figure out if I really like the shoes I bought for the wedding and how long I will be able to stand BEING in them for a long period of time (especially since I will be helping before and after the ceremony). I hate that I have to think like this when it comes to shoes. I absolutely love clothes shopping and could go on and on and on...but when it comes to my shoes, I get easily depressed because I am so limited due to the cerebral palsy and the offset in my gait.

I also still need to find a pair of earrings. Yellow, of course, to fit my color scheme, but maybe just a little bit off? I want them to be dressy enough to wear to a wedding, but not too much that I couldn't wear them again. I just found a bunch of Anthropologie's website that I totally adore...what do you think?

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