Wednesday, April 7, 2010

happy days are new spring dresses and warm sunshine

Totally love love LOVE the new dress I found in Target (Targe-t with the silent T!) and am rocking it out today in celebration of the amazing weather.

I have decided that I am going to take more pictures, upload more pictures onto this thing and just stop being so lazy. Because that's all that has been stopping me... sheer laziness.

In other news, will be taking my Psych 101 test this weekend. I had originally planned to take it later in the morning but upon further review, a friend of mine has enticed me to join her to DC to the Cherry Blossom Sakura Matsuri Street can I pass that up? Every year that I fear I will miss the Cherry Blossoms, something marvelous springs up unexpected in my events and prompts me to go. (Thanks Ester! =))

Cannot wait to take my new Canon Powershot to the festival this year. Last year my trusty Fujifilm companion took the photos but was on its last leg so a lot of the photos lacked a certain quality to them. I am more than excited to see how the pictures are going to turn out this year!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather!!

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