Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New store full of awesome goodies...

Just found this new online store full of endless possibilities for a new spring wardrobe...have I mentioned that recently one end of my closet fell off? A visitor to my dwelling informed me that this was a sign that I had TOO MANY CLOTHES.

...which is a travesty that I do not believe could ever be possible!

But in my defense - I have been removing articles of clothing for every new one that I buy. I think it's the best way and not everything fits the same after so many years. And not everything is the same style that you used to have either.

A nice surprise was a dress that I had in the back of my closet that I had bought over four years ago. Never wore it before...EVER but had taken it to the beach with me and J numerous times as a possible "dinner dress" but never knew how to wear it. Suddenly had a fashion revelation the other day before work to pair the dress with a cute white laced tank that I had from B.R. and voila! An acceptable Easter outfit was born!

Here is that website... Bona Drag. I think it is out of California.


=) =) Love life and sunshine!

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