Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Torry Hansen: Worst F&*%ing Mother of the Year (& my hope that this means stricter screenings for prospective adoptive parents)

Of course I'd have something to say about this.

Am I outraged? Hell yes. Am I pissed off? Effin' yeah I am pissed off. Do I want to write massive amounts of hate mail to Torry Hansen? Do I ever....

This story is just devastatingly maddening, sad, and utterly effing ridiculous - down to each minute detail and play-by-play of this horrible monstrosity of a situation. From a 7-year old boy spending 6 months in a NEW country with a NEW language and a NEW mother, the failure of the adoption agency that facilitated the adoption to properly screen their prospective families, the idiocy of the agency to allow this little boy to enter the United States into this family's home, the idiocy of the ADOPTIVE parent(s) to fully educate themselves on what they were getting themselves into prior to having the child brought into their home...Not to mention the fact that this poor little 7-year old boy now has to deal with the effects of being abandoned not once, but TWICE??

I have read a lot of articles about this in the past week or so that the story broke. Have I read them ALL? To be honest, no, I haven't. But the majority of the articles that I have read state the same thing - the effects that this one grandmother's ludicrous actions now have on the rest of the prospective parents waiting for their Russian adopted children and also the fate of the many Russian orphans waiting to be adopted in the orphanages currently. CNN has also expressed many people's displeasure (among them mostly the Russian people) at the fact that this Ms. Hansen (the grandmother of Torry Hansen) will NOT be punished for her inhumane deed.

Let me just tell you what I think... First of all, I think there is foul play afoot with this grandmother business being involved altogether. Torry Hansen, let me reason with you for a second, you dumb b*^ch... I am going to make the astute assumption that you're more than of legal age. Obviously, you had some ounce of compassion in your bones to even initiate the adoption process which can be long and arduous, I understand. And you wait for this beautiful, innocent child to come from a world of abandonment and suffering that you might not ever have the capacity to comprehend and things just don't turn out the way you thought they would. But why on earth would you have your MOTHER take care of the "dirty work" for you?!?!!?!?! Are we not a grown woman enough to adopt the child but we can't be "grown" enough to take responsibility for that same child's life???? WTF WOMAN?!?!?!!?!

They haven't released any photos of your mother, this illustrious Ms. Hansen, but I can only imagine that due to your geographical location of Tennessee that she is a spineless fat f&$k that weighs 200 lbs and has missing teeth...basically, an ignorant piece of trash.

I could tell you what I would hope would be the outcome from this outrageous story. But I am afraid to even waste my breath because as sad as this story is, it isn't the first time that something like this has happened. And not just to Russian adoptees but any and ALL international adoptee children.

All I know is that I am googling the sh*t out of this woman Torry Hansen and writing as many letters as I possibly can to any and everyone that will want to listen to try to get her and her grandmother some type of sentence. That child, regardless of his behavior, has been through more tumultuous heartache than anyone will ever know and despite this "shipping him back", he is STILL a US citizen and has RIGHTS that they decided to ignore because "they couldn't handle it anymore".

My question to all of you is...if you have a biological child and they turn out to be psychopaths or violent - can you take them somewhere to have them shoved back into your uterus to "bake" a little longer?

You cannot treat adopted children any different than biological children in that respect. You wanted that child, you now have to deal with the consequences, Torry Hansen. And I hope you go to hell.

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