Monday, May 3, 2010

Exam Week and Car Troubles

Sooo exam #3 week is fast approaching and it's building this inevitable anxiety up inside of me that I just can't shake. Thus why I am up at 2 am in the morning thinking about HW, A & P lab notes and whether or not I'll be ready for exam #3 coming up in the next week and a half.

To make matters even more difficult, my car started making a sad and unusual buzzing noise. Well, at least in its modest beginnings the noise began as a "buzz" and soon escalated (rather quickly I might add) to a grinding sound. The kind of annoying, boisterous sound you'd hear on a douchebag's car that wanted you to hear him coming 50 miles away. Yeah...that sound.

I had J take a look at it today and he thinks it might be the water pump (?). I put that question mark there not because I question his judgment. On the contrary, I have the utmost faith that even his assumption based on just viewing what was underneath my hood is quite accurate. That question mark was for the fact that I had not even a clue that I even had a water pump underneath the hood of my car. Haha. Oh go me!

J advised that it was NOT the smartest thing in the world for me to be riding my vehicle around and that as soon as possible (Read: TOMORROW, ermm... TODAY, I mean) I need to take it into the shop to get it officially diagnosed and repaired. Note the word: need. As in necessity. As in drop everything I was going to do and make sure that I am able to have the transportation to even ACCOMPLISH the things I need to get done.

Thus, it goes without saying, it put a HUGE damper on my weekend events. I was supposed to be going to Kish's Bachelorette Party on Saturday, but that's when the noise really started to escalate. That afternoon it went from a slight annoying buzzing sound that became louder when I accelerated to a loud cranky grinding noise that occurs every single time I turn the ignition. Great, I thought. I had this horrible vision in my head that my car was going to blow up at any second...and when I approached J, he advised me to stay off the roads. Which totally bummed me out in more ways than one.

I also never got to go to the grocery store nor to pick up my photo prints for class. I never got to return that sweater that I bought at Anthropologie (seen as a dire necessity at the time that the fabric met my skin and I stared in the mirror but slowly lost its rung on the priority ladder when I came home and looked at the stark reminder of how much I actually paid for it on that little sub-conscious meter we call a RECEIPT) nor did I get a chance to return that one thing from Burlington Coat Factory that I had picked up for my Mom that she had decided she didn't want after all.

The good thing out of this weekend was an impromptu hang out on Saturday morning/early afternoon to the pool to enjoy the nice weather and catch some sun and ALSO to be saved by the day from the Russian who most notably looked up online about my Toyota warranty and showed me that my engine warranty was still valid until 56,000 miles! (I am currently at 39,000.) That's a whole whopping $600 I am saving that I had nightmares about all last night and this morning about having to pay!

Here we enter into another week and even though I wanted so desperately to get into work early today, I know that's probably not going to be possible seeing as I have this car thing to take care of. And I know it's rather serious enough that I cannot just be meandering along with getting the repair done (as I am so often the culprit of doing so when it comes to getting my oil changed).

At least the weather will be  nice out.

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