Monday, January 29, 2007

So you think you know racism...

until it hits home. Literally.

Yesterday went by so fast at work. It was like I turned around and sooner than later it was noon and I went to go work out. When I got back I had one missed call. It was my mother. She said something about needing to sell the new car (that my parents "magically" bought six months ago) and that it was a mistake to have bought it, but now the wheel cover on one of the wheels is a little bent and gee, wouldn't I pay for a new one? She said she was sure that wheel covers weren't that expensive, and that she thought sure I could afford a new one. Perfect.

Message One. Delete? *press* Message One Deleted.

I was a little ticked...but I'll let it slide. Keep calm. Get through the rest of the day.

Five o'clock rolls around and I am out the door. I head over to my place in Dundalk, and get into my room, putting stuff away, etc. Dave(my roommate) comes in and I said something about wanting some pizza. Soon we're ordering one (which by the way turned out to be the best new pizza ever!) .

My other roommate comes home. The homeowner one. He comes up the steps and says "While I have both of you here..." and begins his little roommate speech. But as ugly as the first one was, he's not starting the second one off any better. He says "I've already talked to Dave about this..."

That's great. I mean the twenty minute conversation that I had with him in the car about him talking to Dave first and NEVER talking to me until the last minute really put it into perspective for him, obviously. You know, quite obviously because he did it again.

Then he starts saying stuff about the house needing to be cleaned. I won't even get started. Except that I wish I had taken before and after photos like G had suggested because this place was a total wreck. And it had cigarette yellow stains all over. I remember staying up late at night scrubbing the floor boards until they sparkled with the whiteness of the paint that it had supposedly been years before.

He says "You know the kitchen and the bathroom need to be kept up. I don't mind scrubbing the bathtub and shower because I use that but I don't use anything else in that bathroom and it needs to be kept up. I've cleaned the bathroom, A has cleaned the bathroom..." WTF?! I am sorry, what sort of cleaning supplies are you using to clean the bathroom? Perhaps -- hmm...the ones that I BOUGHT? And use. I use them all the time. I have cleaned that kitchen time and again and also that bathroom. I spoke up. I said "I've cleaned the bathroom"....what pissed me off even more was that the entire time that he supposedly talking to 'both Dave and I'...he only looked at me. What is up with that?

I was just so fed up. When L-Boogie called me up she could immediately tell that I was down but I really couldn't talk at the moment about what was pissing me off because everyone was still around. Later on, J called me and made me feel tons better. He's right about it...that I have to say fuck it all to both of them and not let shit get to me. Even if my landlord is a racist and my mom is a little crazy.

So no more bathroom/kitchen cleaning for me. Screw it. And I am definitely not paying for some wheel cover.

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Well, that blows. God, I hate it when that happens, people can be so brutally unfair.

But, he wasn't really being racist, just a bastard. I mean, I'm white and that happens to me all the time as well.

Still, sympathy.