Wednesday, January 31, 2007

American Idol for the Light-hearted

Ahhhh, another season of American Idol has already begun and oh what joy~! The freaks! The geeks! The jugglers?!

What's up with this year anyway? I mean how long has American Idol been around? For how many seasons? And yet the audition contestants insist on bringing other skills to the table. The first episode when they were in get this dude up there whose trying to juggle and sing. It's not "America's Got Talent" (although that hardly is anything to write home about)'s freakin' American Idol: Singing competition.

Hey, but apparently, the memo wasn't sent out.

And then we have this little nutcase. Sarah Goldberg I think her name was. And she comes dressed in as a cowgirl all ready to sing. All of a sudden you see her remove her red cowboy hat and she places it on the floor saying "I don't need this anymore..." and you just knew this one was going to be classic.

Oh God was she. First off, I don't claim to be Mariah Carey. I can't really sing. But this girl could definitely NOT sing. And then, to top it all off, as Simon cuts her off and Randy and Paula start trying to hold in their laughter, Sarah goes ballistic.

"You guys are so rude. You don't understand. I could be the next American Idol! Don't you see?!"

Simon: "But you can't sing. This is a singing competition. You can't carry a tune."

Sarah: "I know I can't sing! That's the point."

Randy: "I think you've said all there needs to be said. You know you can't sing, so why are you here?"

Sarah: "Don't you get it? I have no prior singing knowledge or anything so you guys can mold me into a great singer! You can teach me to be an Idol. Don't you see? I could be the first American Idol that can't sing!"

Seriously, I'm saying...isn't that profound in a desperate sorta way?

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