Thursday, August 9, 2007

V Fest Day One Review (In Pictures): Part 1

I know I went into a review of what happened on Saturday but let's go into detail, shall we? And, alas, in pictures!!!!

J came over to my house at around 7 AM (we had planned on leaving early since we didn't have a parking pass and figured it'd be utter chaos trying to find one) but that didn't exactly work out very well. For one thing, my lazy ass woke up late, but only because my head was still throbbing from the steroid injections all night long and it took me forever to find every single bald spot to administer the steroid cream before I went to bed. Then on top of that, I had a full night of weird ass dreams of people growing hair in kitchen cabinets, people having hair on their beards that never stopped growing and people who had hair growing wildly all over their legs (Don't ask where all that came from.) Quick end to story, when J came to my house and I quickly let him in, I was standing in my bedroom, wrapped in a bath towel and fresh from the shower.

Finally, I got ready, threw myself into a nice hot blue bathing suit and hot shorts, pulld my hair back into a ponytail with a matching hot blue cap and slipped on my flip flops. We hopped into the car, headed to Dunkin Donuts to grab some breakfast (yummm, J got me hooked on chocolate flavored coffee!) and then were on our way! Untillll, we hit 83 and I realized the worst thing ever.

"Shit babe!!!" I screamed.

"You forgot the tickets," J finished my sentence and looked to see my nod my head.

I WAS SO SORRY!! I felt like a jerk because we were so excited, singing along to music and getting all pumped. BAh, but anyways J is a crazy driver and within about 30 minutes, we had the tickets and were back on our way again.

By the time we got there, it was around 8:45 AM or so, and the gates to the parking had opened at 8 and the gates for the concert weren't due to open until 10 AM. We were aiming to try and see if there was an opening for the official parking near the gate for the concert, but it was practically half full by the time we got there, and you looked through the gates, you could see a thousand or so people all in their cars, hanging out of their trunks with coolers, and chairs, getting drunk as the morning went on.

The guy at the gate told us that although the parking lot was full, he had heard that Pimlico Middle School was being used as a parking lot for the V Fest and they were only charging $25. SWEEEEEEET!!!! So we headed over there, even though the guy at the gate didn't even know where to direct us. Luckily, where there is a school, there is usually "school crossing" signs. So we parked:

And then realized how many freakin' people were already at this parking lot (that reminded me a lot of Merriweather), doing the same thing as the people in the official parking lot. Drinking like crazy people.

J and I decided to start a-walking...and eventually *harp plays* we found ourselves at the gates!!!:

I found always find it funny when they have a list of the prohibited items:

Once we were all standing around waiting for the gates to open, we realized that there was one short opening for the VIP people and then one for the people with the general admission tickets.

Cool, except for the fact that when we finally realized there was a second line and that it looked like this:

Once we got in, I was so excited that I was literally taking pictures of EVERYTHING. I knew that it was probably going to be the only time that I would be able get a clear picture of the stage from where I stood since there was no one there yet and no one performing, the stage was freaking masssive:

Once we found where the bathrooms were (it was cool because they had this huge balloon up in the air that said bathrooms that you could see for miles; unless of course you were like me, and your eyesight was slightly impaired, hehe) we headed over to the North Stage (the one in the picture above) to get good seats because Fountains of Wayne were up first. While we were waiting for Fountains of Wayne to start, they started showing some trippy ass shit on the big screens. J told me to stop staring at it so much so I decided to take a picture of it to remember what I was seeing (it looked like some Windows Media Player stuff with random pics of flowers):

And then....


We decided to scratch The Fratellis and just head over to one of the Shade Tents that they had set up after we checked out the Virgin Megastore that they had set up. It was freaking amazing!! They had everything there from cool bags, to all the bands' t-shirts to all the bands and DJs CDs from the beginning of their careers to their most recent albums. It was awesome and I regret not being able to take a picture of it - but I wasn't sure if they were going to let me.
I bought an Amy Winehouse t-shirt and then J bought The Police t-shirt for his little brother. Then we headed over to the Shade Tent to catch some shade:

This was where J got hit on by the Charm City Roller Girls (they were wearing pink feathered outfits and on pink and white roller skates). There was one girl in particular who came up to the chain link fence, bent over, lifted her pink feathers and pressed her butt against the fence in front of him. He looked at me with this look like "what's going on?" but I wouldn't let him live it down for the rest of the day or the night for that matter. hahaha

As we left the Shade Tent, we ran into the Green Light bushes: yes, you heard me right. They had these poor bastards running around in the heat in these bush outfits to help promote the Green Light thing they had going on - they had a bunch of recycling bins all over the place and everything like that:

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