Thursday, August 9, 2007

V Fest Day One Review (In Pictures): Part 2

Continued of Day One:

We decided after getting some shade and hearing the horrible Cheap Trick, that we would head back over to the North Stage to hear Amy Winehouse:

Of course, she kicked ASS!! I love new artists and seeing them live while they are still new. Mainly because you know that every single song on their album is going to be what they will perform because that's the only one that they have out!!!

Amy Winehouse rocked the house. I danced like a crazy woman despite the heat, it was so awesome to be able to hear her voice, and hear her singing. It sounded just like the album!

The next to come to the stage was Incubus. J and I were super lucky that the two people that we wanted to hear were back to back on the same stage. And just look how sexy Brandon Boyd is:

Just then, as we were rocking out to Incubus - this girl that I had met over the Yahoo Forums for Virgin Festival, E, met up with me and we took a ton of pictures. This is the only one where I don't look 200 lbs in the face though.

After Incubus, J was ready to head over to what he had been waiting for all summer: The BEASTIE BOYS!!! They fucking rocked!!! I was so happy that we were able to make it in time because we had walked around a little bit to check out the festival and then headed back over to the North Stage again to check them out. We had also gone to check out LCD Soundsystem with E but without their synthesizers, they turned out not to be so good live.

The crowd for the Beastie Boys by the time we got there was INSANE. And J and I were too exhaustEd (hehe) to walk any further into the crowds, so we just stayed behind - which was totally cool because again, the sound system was so amazingly clear that even being far away, we were able to hear everything as if we had had the seats that we did at Amy Winehouse and Incubus. Since I am short, I just raised up my camera to take a picture of the stage, and of the massive crowd in front of us and the pictures turned out pretty dope.

J was pretty stoked too.

Can you believe the size of those crowds? A couple of times when J and I caught sight of the crowd, we were like "Omgosh!!! I can't effing believe we are part of this!! This is soooo cool!!!"

To end the night, The Police closed out and boy did they ever close out. Sting hasn't aged a bit (unlike Cheap Trick) and he sounded as good as he did if you listened to the first Police record. They did encore after encore, and me and J rocked out to "Roxanne", and "Every Breath You Take".

The pictures didn't turn out as well as I liked because I am still trying to figure out the best way to take pics with this camera that DJ G gave me for my birthday.

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