Thursday, February 1, 2007

First Day(erm...night) of History Class

I have to say that when I walked into the class room tonight - despite the fact that it is the first class and usually they have everyone there before they realize how ridiculous the class is and stop showing up - but regardless there was still a good number of people.
I sat in the back because I want to take the quiet role this time around. I used to always be the one that spoke out - but I guess I am too tired from work and stress and basics of life to speak out about anything anymore.

But on further with the class - the teacher, Mr. Addy is pretty awesome. He walks in and you think he's going to be some generic old guy. The kind who can't hear, doesn't really want to be there and has nothing really pertinent to say. But then he starts the lecture. And he's funny. Not in the old guy embarrassing way funny, but the intelligent, gotta-be-intentive-to-catch-the-jokes funny. Which is perfect to keep me awake for these night classes.

I remember when I first took my first history class at night - when the teacher stood at the front of the class and sympathized with the students having to be up since 5 AM - working and then going there...that I didn't quite understand and kinda felt sorry for those folks. BAH, now I am one of them. Been up since 4:30 AM and still rolling. I haven't had anything to eat besides a peanut butter sandwich and some left over tuna fish at lunch. And a shitload of chocolate chip granola bars because that's all I could find in my food-bin. I haven't gone grocery shopping in a while, can you tell?

Anyways - this teacher. He's making it pretty easy to pass this class. Which is definitely up on my top priority list. I have to ace this class to get myself out of academic probation for all the stupid crap that I got myself into three years ago. But as I say - you live and you learn. Gotta make the mistakes in order to learn how to correct them. And now I am more determined than ever to make this work. I have a goal now - I have the drive and the will...just gotta keep up with the energy.

Crossing my fingers...

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