Friday, May 18, 2007

Finals are over...and...I'm a Notary Public!

I think I did pretty good last night. Second to last person in the class to remain and I had to stop halfway through to rest my hand because I was pressing so hard against the paper - but...I think I did rather well.

In other news: I am a Notary Public!
(and for $61.00 you could be one, too.)

It's nothing spectacular but I had to become one for my job. Already my friends have been calling me and asking me to notarize stuff. I never knew there were that many documents (besides deeds of trust, mortgage loan documents, etc.) that needed to be notarized but I guess there are.

Summer is fast approaching - the month of June is going to be awesome for me. I am really looking forward to the vacation time and the plans that I have already set.

Friday is here...and I'm pooped. Can't wait to go home and sleep.


B said...

Hey! I've been meaning to come over and comment since you said hello in my comments a while back. I'm glad to see you're well and still blogging!

goosey said...

You're a N.P.?? That's so cool! Okay I'll be calling you at like... 4am and sh*t one day when I suddenly need something notarized in a hurry, hehe.