Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I got the letter!

There is only one letter that I can think of that is waited for with extreme anticipation.

The acceptance letter: You got into your choice college, you got that job you wanted, or that internship you've been waiting months for.

And now I am proud to add a new one to my own personal list:

The reinstatement of financial aid letter.

Which I received yesterday in the mail!! I am so siked. This means that it's one less financial burden that I have to worry about now that I have the car as my main source of P.I.T.A. (Pain In The Ass) syndrome. I qualify now for (hopefully) some grants, and of course, student loans. And this time I am going to do it right. Pay them on time, make sure that I understand the terms and conditions of the loans that I sign for (my parents never really went over the paperwork with me, and even if they did, I don't think they understood any of the terms and conditions either) and get my credit back into good standing once again.

It also means that it's a positive GO for me for the fall of 2007. I am officially back into school and making my way to good grades and on a fast track to transferring to a four-year in the next year or so.

Finally, things are starting to look up.

Now I just have to get my license straightened out and I'll be good to go.

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