Monday, May 7, 2007

Historical Town of Leesburg's Conspiracy

So this weekend, LP and I discovered the "Leesburg Premium Outlets".

We clearly believe that these outlets are run by some covert operation company because A. we'd never heard of them before (and damn, were they awesome...totally worth the trip) and B. there weren't any large signs on the highway that said "Leesburg Premium Outlets". In fact, the actal exit that you took was rather complicated and a by-pass semi-circle kind of thing to which you could barely make out the outlets in the distance.

But we finally made it. And yet not before stopping at one of the ghetto-est (yes, it is now a word in my book) McDonald's on this side of the coast.

As LP and I pull up into the parking lot of the McDonald's (all the way licking our lips and feeling ourselves starving a little more each minute), LP walked towards the door of the McD's and paused.

"What?! They aren't open?! How can a McDonald's NOT BE OPEN?" LP said loudly.

I had just shut the car door. "You mean they're closed?"

"Yes. The sign says they aren't open because there aren't any employees," she said laughing out of pure disbelief.

I started laughing, too. "Are you kidding me? No one showed up for work?"


So we climbed back into the car, and started to drive off when we noticed a huge line of cars pulled in the drive-thru.

"I guess the drive-thru is open," LP said as she reversed the car and pulled us into the back of the line.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Our stomachs were growling at us at this point, and the intensity of anticipation was making it that much worse. Finally, as our car was next in line, LP throttled the car forward to align with the drive-thru menu.

"What do you want -," she began to ask me. Just then she was abruptly cut off.

"The drive-thru is closed," came this haughty voice over the speaker.

"Excuse me?" LP asked, incredulously.

"I said, the drive-thru is closed. You're gonna have to come inside to order."

"But we just were inside and were told to go through the drive-thru," LP said loudly, either in order for her voice to travel the distance to the drive-thru speaker, or out of annoyance - more than likely both.

At this point, there was this unsettling in my stomach. The kind of tense feeling I get when I am in a tense moment. Seems fitting, right?

"The drive-thru is closed," came the voice with an attitude.

"Ugh!!! I cannot believe this!!" LP exclaimed, turning the steering wheel and parking the car in front of the McDonald's entrance.

"This is a very ghetto McDonald's," I said.

"Very ghetto," LP agreed.

Thirty minutes later of indecisive workers and standing in a crowd of fellow impatient McDonald's patrons, LP and I were armed with full bellies and ready to shop till we dropped.

Overall, it was a fantastic day. I had a lot of fun. Thanks for inviting me, LP.

BTW, my Coach purse(s) love me. (To make a footnote, these are only my 2nd and 3rd Coach purses ever. Anyone who knows me knows that before, I would admire them, but I could never really afford them for myself, and I used to think that it wasn't really worth the trouble or the money. But I realize now that for all the dumb purses I buy and beat up - it's worth buying one good one is going to last me forever, and as long as I take care of it, it'll look fabulous for a long time.)

Happy pre-Birthday LP!

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