Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Night Fever!

I don't know why I chose that title - it really doesn't make any sense...except that since this morning I have been ansy to get out of this office and into the sunlight - slip my feet into some comfy sneaks and a nice pair of jeans and get to goin' for the weekend.

I have a ton of studying to do this weekend for my History final exam. He gave us a bunch of packets last night as well as a list of questions that we had to know detailed answers for in order to pick three as our personal final. I guess that's a benefit - to be able to choose the questions beforehand, and being able to prepare myself fully to answer the questions to the best of my ability.

Beyond that, I have to strategize this weekend. I have overviewed some of my prospectives and realized that I was a little off. Books, cost of vacations, cost of the car... I know that it can work - it's just a matter of making it work. So Sunday is going to be my "Crunch Numbers" day!

I have a lot of fun stuff to look forward to this year - and as much as I complained about the year 2007 being a bummer, I think it all depended on what I made of it. As opposed to last year's "everything-good-is-just-going-to-fall-right-into-my-lap" theme. This year I had to prove to myself that I was determined enough to get the things done that I wanted to get done.

One thing is down: my education. I told myself I wanted to go back to school. Give it another try - and make sure this time there were no mistakes if I could help it. And with a little extra push, some breakdowns, and such - I got my financial aid back and I am ripped and raring to go for the fall. I am super excited even though I know Chemistry is going to bore me to tears. At least I'll be learning something instead of watching reruns of "Scrubs" on UPN (although that is one of the best shows out there, EVER!).

Next stop - driver's license. And that's making headway too. Except for the weird left foot accelerator lady who never calls me back and keeps changing times on me. But we'll get over that. Or else I'll beat her with my shoe.

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