Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Driving Lessons and Bad Dreams

Last night was the final driving "lesson" with Ms. Joan Carter. She has to be one of the sweetest people that I have had the pleasure of meeting. What started out as just an hour and a half driving lesson turned into a two hour fest of her splurging all of her personal life onto me, interjecting enthusiastically here and there with a "ohh, honey, I am spilling my whole life to you, and tellin' you my business but you are so cordial and relaxing. I hope you don't mind..." and without any pause of waiting for my answer or reaction would commence into another slew of the drama going on in her life.

What's awesome about it is that she said she would write an awesome report for me and ask to have that attached to my certificate so that I could take it to Sinai when I go for my "rehabilitation". What a joke. I explained to her my situation and she was amazingly supportive.

After that, I went home. It was mad late. I was so sleepy and groggy and cold. I crept into my bed and curled up into the sheets, turning on the side lamp and started opening my mail for that day.

After such a crappy past couple of weeks and an entire month of January I have had - what should I get in the mail? A package from an angel! (I already had expected it to come but I didn't expect to read what was written there.) Let's just say that I cried last night for the first time in a very long time those happy tears that I thought would never come.

When I woke up this morning I had this horrible feeling. I have been having these ridiculously vivid and horrifying dreams as of late. But this one I couldn't remember anything about. It was just like bad food - that left a horrible taste in your mouth. The aftermath of the dream was me just feeling like I had lost something very dear to me, or that I am about to lose something very dear to me. Let's hope it's just a dream and nothing close to reality.

For the meantime, I'll end this with I love you L-Boogie and J - sorry for replying so late but I am on MY WAY TO FREEDOM!!!

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