Monday, February 12, 2007

February Birthdays & the Grammys

Craziness how so many people in my life are February birthdays! This past Sunday I went over to my brother's house to celebrate his 31st and my sister's 12th. His birthday is the 15th of February and hers was the 5th.

I can't believe she has gotten so big already. Once my sister sends me the pictures (because I forgot to bring my camera) I will post them up. I can't believe it though. It feels like just yesterday when I turned 12 and I thought I was so big, one more year till I hit the teenage years. I remember looking forward to the future and thinking it was so far off...

Now it's hardly the case.

Anyways, the food was awesome. My Mom made some lasagna and salad. Everyone made a big deal about me not drinking soda anymore.

Psh, so I have been pretty good about eating despite J making fun of me the night before over my Cheez-it box. happened just once! I have been so proud of my results lately. Just feeling more alive and a lot more energized from working out. I look forward to it every single day.

Okay... so onto more entertaining matters - last night was the Grammy Awards!!!!! Again, as always, the musical acts were AMAZING.

If you missed it, check out to see clips from the previous night and also to see pictures of everyone who showed up!

I was so happy to see the girl that won that spot to sing live with Justin Timberlake. She did so well! I would've been too nervous to remember any of the words - but she just jumped right in and did her thing.

PS. Was anyone else as shocked as I was to see that Imogen Heap was listed in the "best new artist" category but The Fray wasn't? What's going on with that? I mean I love Imogen Heap just as much... although I didn't really listen to Carrie Underwood at all this year - seemed like it was country music's year. The Dixie Chicks walked away with five Grammys in all five categories they were nominated in and Ms. Underwood won for "best new artist" and "best country single" or some category like that for "Jesus, Take The Wheel". And Mary J Blige won in the Best R & B Album category, rightfully so (that album was amazing).

BTW, Ludacris & Mary J. Blige's performance was really terrific. So was Christina Aguilera's rendition of "A Man's World" by James Brown....c'mon though, Aguilera's voice is freakin' ridiculous. At the end of her performance all I could muster to utter was "Jesus, that girl that effing sing."

Hope everyone's weekend was fun and relaxing. :-)

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