Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Valentine's Day Post (about anything but Valentine's Day)

It was completely disasterous this morning. What a disgusting mix of winter funk. Ice, sleet, hail, blah blah blah...

Justin woke up this morning and took one look outside and didn't even want to brave going out but did anyway. When he walked outside to scrape the ice off his car, it was pretty comical. He kept breaking any of the car ice picks or scrapers that he could find in his shed until all he had left was this tiny little hand scraper.

Besides that, I have no idea why I made it into work today. Nor do I feel the motivation to do any work. Schools are closed and most businesses are closed, and I am one of three in my entire department.

Last year, Valentine's Day was definitely not this cold. I remember being able to go outside with a nice warm jacket and going to dinner at least. Not like now, it's too freakin' icey to do anything.

But I hope that it clears up by the weekend. I've got big plans!!! I have to swap out my iPod for a new one because the audio piece completely shut off the right earpiece. Perfect. And the sales guy at the store in Towson was totally trying to get me to buy an iBook and I was pretty damn near sold - until I came home and told J and he snapped me out of it.

Regardless, I hope all you other peeps out there enjoy your day at home, drink some hot chocolate, snuggle up with the one you love, and watch some good ole romance movies or something gushy like that.

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