Monday, February 19, 2007

Surprise Birthday Success!!!!

So J had his full surprise good-ness on Friday night. Couldn't have pulled it off without all his amazing friends.

I have to admit that I was super nervous about the whole thing, only because I have NEVER put together a surprise anything (most of the people in my family are like anti-surprise). It was really funny driving to Greenfield because as I predicted, J went right to speeding on 695. I think from the get-go we were doing 80 mph and though usually I don't say anything, I found myself blurting out "Slow down a bit!" and he turned and looked at me like I was crazy. haha!

When we got there, he was so busy fumbling with his wallet and keys in his pockets that he didn't really notice EVERYONE sitting right there...until he looked up and started to realize that all his friends were sitting there!!! I just remember him blurting out "Holy sh*..." and not even really being able to finish it fully.

It was pretty damn awesome. Totally priceless. And he completely deserved it. So here's to J - hope that your birthday was all that and more, hon.

Once my computer starts to fully work and not act so freakin' retarded I will post the pics up!! :-)

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