Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Can I please have one order of "exotic" Asian women with a side of kimchi?

What the hell is this bullshit that I see?

I stole this from the KAD email group that I am a part of - and it's completely the sickest thing I have seen in a very long long long time.

No, although the site name could easily be assumed to that of a porn site, it isn't. (Sorry all you dude-blog-readers)

And no, it's not some sort of site to show pictures and articles on powerful, intelligent Asian women in today's society(because you know, it'd be asking way too much)...

It is a site that promotes a book entitled "How To Date An Asian Woman"...yes, folks, you know...because we are such odd species of the human woman that there needs to be a book on how to date us...

WTF?! I would take bits and pieces from the site to show you how ridiculous this truly is. But then again, this alone is pretty damn ridiculous ...and I thought quotes might be a bit excessive.


Latoya Peterson said...

Ooooh, that's nasty!

A whole book of stereotypes. I want to get a copy and mock it page by page...or better yet field test it.

Braving the Arirang said...

Ohh LaToya - can I be the testee? I am so anxious to know what will keep my attention with my very non-white male fans!