Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm not one to boast of love for bulging abs but...

I have found this "schoolgirl crush" has awakened within me...

Not only is "300" one of the most gory, terrifically heroic movies I have seen in a long time (because essentially, I am a man's woman, and love the blood, and the heads chopping off, as long as it's not someone getting shot directly in the head: ie; in "Munich") but it has some of the finest specimens of men that I have ever seen.

Good God...it was like a wet dream's final dream: Imagine 300 gorgeously ripped and sweaty (bloody and scratched, too. Nothing is more appealing than a man who knows how to work hard) all running towards the screen in nothing but capes and ...loincloth looking attire. FANTASTIC!

Particularly, the Scot whose dubbed Gerard Butler.

Although of course, as I predicted, there was some buffering going on in the movie production suites.

This is Gerard without grease and oil:

And this is with:

There are yet even more delicious photos to be found across the World Wide Web - and I will seek to find them. :-)

Guys have Angelina Jolie...why can't I have my Gerard Butler?


TL said...

Oh my good god. Gross!!!

I see we have completely different tastes in men! LOL!

Scrawny, skinny, drunk captain jack sparrow all the way for me. Thank you.

Braving the Arirang said...

You know what's funny? I NEVER thought I'd find that attractive...and I still don't. I think that the whole bulgy thing on guys that I see around all the time (like the gym where they have absolutely NO necks and can't clap their hands together to save their lives) is disgusting to me. But I think there is something extremely hot about Spartans. Just because they lived for the necessity of being strong in order to fight for their country. And that is pretty damn hot. hahaha

But in real life(sans the Greece era)? Jack Sparrow types - or hell, Edward Norton types, too...a little definition goes a long way...

Speaking of which, are you excited for the 3rd Pirates movie?

Anonymous said...

it's a pure Lie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for God's sake if you at leat have read one simple history book about ancient Iran and ancient Greek you defenetly would undrestand that it's all LIE !!!!!!!
In this bad politics between Iran and U.S.A, the director just tried to copy his name on DVDs and CDs !
Why ! Why ! Why !
haven't at least the actors of the movie worried about their future career !
It was a big offense to all Iranians around the world.
I wish the director at least have come to Iran once and see Iranian people and feel their hospitality and their pure heart and then make this movie.

Although it cannot hurt any part of thousands of years of Iranian history iranian people are really disapointed and angry of this nonartistry production of Hollywood.
ps. i saw it. it really made me Cry.

ironlynx50@gmail.com said...

Oh my god, I completely agree...Gerard Butler is incredibly hot...AND HE CAN SING!!! Did you see him in Phantom of the Opera? He has a really sexy singing voice...and when he plays Phantom he's all romancy~ and the mask~

I loved 300 AND Phantom..Gerard Butler is awesome!