Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We all must be alike...

It's 10:55 AM, the day after the V Tech shootings, and I can count about a dozen or more websites, and comments that have been made (either to me or collectively) about "Are all your people like that?" or "I told you immigration was a huge issue - we should be protecting our country from immigrant weirdos like that guy"...

Is anyone else bothered that the immediate reaction to the shooter being an Asian guy (it hasn't been concluded what nationality the shooter was, although I have been sent several links ruling him as either Korean or Chinese) is that he was a terrorist, with no human characteristics and that the issue isn't about how he got the guns, or gun control, or even that there is not a high level of security like we thought in our children's schools - but that we need to be stricter about immigration and that it HAS to be that he was an immigrant, and let's go attack his family because they have to be here illegally?

What happened with Columbine happened? We made each other feel like complete idiots because for whatever reason - somebody decided to make the two idiots that were dressed in black trench coats and guns the victims. "Aww, poor guys, they must have been teased. They must have been faced with so much depression over their life that led to this tragedy...that has to be the explanation"

It's just upsetting when the resulting outcome of a horrible and unfortunate circumstance is ignorant hatred and immediate prejudice accusations.

Update: The shooter was a Korean male. Now all of a sudden the forums are sprouting with bouts of racism. Ignorant people making ignorant statements. It's truly something to be sad about.

In the heat of the situation, let us not forget the lives that were lost here. 32 people gave their lives - and it was possibly motivated by something as simple as a cheating lover (as several reports have said, it was due to a falling out with an ex-girlfriend but I am not sure if that has been confirmed yet).

I heard on NPR that the two professors that were shot dead were world-renown. One of them was from Israel and one of them was from India - highly regarded men of their profession. It's devastating to know that such greatness is at loss.

And to all the students at V-Tech, my prayers, my thoughts are with you.

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