Thursday, July 19, 2007

Been slacking...

on my post duties. And you would think I'd be posting more since I got the new laptop but I just keep coming home tired as hell, and not wanting to do anything but sleep.

I found out this morning that instead of a $420 letter for the left foot accelerator, it will only cost me $162 (IF I can pass just the final driving assessment test) otherwise it could cost me $162 + $420 = my entire soul sucked away from my body.

I wish there was a fund I could establish or something, like: "Help The Brave Get Some Wheels" or "Give me money NOW"...yeah I would've come up with something more clever but my brain shut down several hours ago. I am now on cruise control mode. Which is not good because I am behind at work.

I would write more - about how last night my Mom and I argued, as usual, about what? The usual.

Or how I wanted to slap the face of my roommate again, as usual. Over what? The usual.

Again, I would write more - but it just seems all too...usual. Heh, heh, heh.

More later... I am starving and stuffing my mouth with vending machine-donuts. Yes, I was that hungry.

-=EDIT @ 1 pm=-

Still trying to finalize the vacation plans. Seems like everyone wants to head out to Miami for the Labor Day weekend (and who wouldn't blame them? The weather should still be nice) but I know that I have some expenses coming up that I should be planning for (and have been for a while) and I also know that J was attempting to stay within a budget this next vacation. O.C. maybe? New York?

Although just now when I checked online for New York's rates they seemed pretty high for even the hostels (and I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER stay in a hostel again after the great Hostel Incident at the PvD concert of hm, what was that year? 2004? Anyway, let's just say that the bathrooms were separated from toilet and shower stalls. And that they were set up to be communal toilets, meaning: you had the stalls but no doors to have your privacy. Yeaaaaah....)

I also called Sinai this morning(which is where I found out about the new better rates) and talked to a really nice lady, Kim. She said that from the sounds of it, all that Sinai would require me to do for them was to take a final driving evaluation and if they felt that I was safe and ready to drive with anyone as my instructor (meaning: family or friends) then they would write the letter or fill out the necessary forms and send them along to MVA to get that second restriction taken off the learner's permit.

That was the good news. Especially since they said that they have availability for in-driving evaluations for the last week of August which is when I took off for the vacation and would like to time everything perfectly then.

The bad news? The money aspect of it. It always comes back to the money and how much they are going to charge me. And the fact that they are going to want to test me to see my driving abilities before they let me get that form.

This is the part that pisses me off. Because I know that I took the Driver's Ed almost (okay, yes, exactly) two years ago and haven't been in the car since. I haven't had the practice time, I haven't had anything!!! So how I am supposed to be "finally" evaluated on my driving abilities when I have had no practice?

I feel like I am being scrutinized for the disability factor. And I probably am. But what can I do at this point? Not like kicking and screaming is going to help me in my plight any further.

But think about all those kids who go in and get their learner's like everyone else and then out they go, doing the 60 hours of practicing time with their parents or their relatives and then taking the test - with no other hurdles, not having to pay someone to first evaluate them to allow them to then drive with their relatives. What the hell is that shit? Okay, I see the logic, don't get me wrong. I see why the MVA does all of this - but it's just so frustrating to me.

At first this Kim woman told me that she would have to be my driving instructor for those 60-hours because she said, "normal people would just go in and get their learner's and drive the 60-hours with other normal people and then take the testing to get their real driver's license. But then you have that restriction meaning that you have to be with me in order to complete those hours."

Okay, first off, I didn't like her use of the word "normal" but we'll save that for another blog post. Second, there is no way on this green earth and all the burning flames in hell that I would pay someone at $67-$108/per hour to sit in the car with me for 60 HOURS in order for me to drive. That's ridiculous.

So I told her what my MVA letter said. She said that okay, she guessed that the MVA was going to allow me to have the J restriction removed after I received something in writing from the licensed Rehab instructor. I said, yes that was my impression of things.

I still have to call Good Samaritan to have them fax over my records to Sinai and the lady at the scheduling said that they did have openings the last week of August.

Hopefully I can just pay the fees and get the letter and be done with all this craziness soon enough. Kim from Sinai did say at the end of our conversation, "Don't get your hopes down, I know that it's taken you forever to get to this point but things are looking up and you'll be able to drive soon enough."

It's nice to finally meet someone along this journey through all these driving rehabs that understands where I am coming from and how I might be feeling at this point. :-)

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