Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ready to Dance with the Virgin...

Virgin Festival acts, that is. Get your mind out of the guttar.

Check out this line-up:

My only problem? Not knowing which act will be playing when. You would think they'd have a timed schedule out by now or something. Not to say that I wouldn't like to stay for ALL of them (because crazy me bought the two-day pass ticket) but there are certain ones that I would cry if I missed.

Here's who I am particularly looking forward to:

The Police/Amy Winehouse/Felix da Housecat/Infected Mushroom/Incubus/Matisyahu/Smashing Pumpkins/Yeah Yeah Yeahs/Wu Tang Clan/Beastie Boys/Velvet Revolver

It's fast approaching into August so I better get my ass ready. I am super siked though - I can't wait to hear Sting's impeccable voice, Amy Winehouse's 60's-infused pop, Infected Mushroom's psychedelic performances, Incubus' sexy lead singer, and whether or not the Smashing Pumpkins still have all original members or not.

Hells yeah!!!

Ps. Tonight I go to check out a housing prospect. Wish me luck. It has to be: A. Not in a bad neighborhood B. Super clean C. Affordable D. Living with people that aren't psycho.

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Candace Fong: Travels said...

i miss you damnit. I keep telling people stories of my Unni! i wish u were here dude. Things are kind of sucking right now thanks to poor group dynamic..... i've resolved be either annoying as hell or my loner self, since i've had enough. Also the program director is stressing the shit out of my life.... and korean guys are so weird Emma. So weird.

I hope you're behaving, and good luck with the housing search.
Love, Candace.