Sunday, July 15, 2007

I Got It!!!

Yes...I got "it". And if it weren't for the fact that I have an old computer with no memory left on it...there'd a picture of me, holding my learner's permit, with a big ass huge cheesin' grin on my face!!!

I GOT IT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't express how freakin' happy that I am right now. I got it Saturday morning after waiting only for a surprising two hours at the MVA (in Bel Air, which btw, is the better one for FYI). The first woman that I went up to was super sweet, helped me fill out the basic questions that would go on the permit like was I an organ donor? What was my birthday?

When it got to the ethnicity question, she clicked the choice she felt was accurate after she looked at me and said, "is this one correct?"

I was expecting to look at the monitor in front of me and see the "Asian" box checked, but this woman had checked the "Multiracial" box.

"No no, it's Asian. Do I really look multiracial?" I asked, just being curious.

"Oh, it's just because you have a darker complexion." ....

Okay, whatever, lady, just give me my permit!

I took the knowledge test on that touch screen thinger they have in the back. The guy that was overseeing who takes the tests was sorta mean and grumpy. As I walked up to the sign that said "Please wait here to be seated for testing" I guess my one foot had stepped across where the sign was and he suddenly yelled from his desk,

"HEY! YOU! Yeah, YOU! Step behind the line, BEHIND, do you understand me?"

Whoa, buddy. I heard ya loud and clear.

So I step behind the sign and wait my turn. When I get up to my screen (Monitor #4...yes, of course I am going to remember stupid details like that!) I was seated next to these two Hispanic guys that kept whispering to each other in Spanish.

All of a sudden, I am sitting there, trying to take my time and read each question slowly in order to give the right answer because you have to get at least 17 right out of 20 and you only have 15 minutes to answer them all...the testing dude comes over to the two guys next to me and yells in their faces,

"No TALKING! No talking or YOU FAIL. Do you understand English? Comprende amigo?"

...Yeah, on any other day, I'd be writing a blog about that racist asshole - but this one is all about ME and how HAPPY I am right now. How I am straight cheesin'.

When I finally got handed the card, I jumped into the air, Mary Tyler Moore style. Oh yes, you know, I went there.

But now is no time to truly celebrate. (Although a party is in order. Is everyone ready to partay?!)

I have only 6 months to:

  1. Buy a car. Which I plan on going to the dealership this weekend after going over some car insurance quotes this week during lunch (I will only be able to work out every other day and try to quote insurances on the other days). Hopefully by the end of this month or next you'll be seeing me with a new xA. (Although the new Scion is BAD ASS, according to me and J)
  2. Get the left foot accelerator letter. Unfortunately, even though I do semi-qualify for free training. I don't have time for that now. It is a 6-8 week waiting list and I don't have 6-8 weeks to wait anymore. Not unless I want to pay a whole other $50 for another learner's permit and take the knowledge and the vision test all over again. So that means I am headed to Sinai. I talked to the lady and she said that they would do the letter for me if I went for at least 6 sessions @ $67/hour. If you're rounding up and doing the math along with me that will be at least a $420 letter so I can drive with anyone and not just a driving instructor.
  3. Complete the 60 hours of driving in the rookie driver booklet. Which is probably the easiest out of the three. I have a ton of awesome friends that have already signed up to help me complete my 60 hours and help me get ready for the provisionals test.

So these are my goals in the next 6 months. I am starting this week to get the ball rolling. Wish me luck!!!!


goosey said...

Congratsssss, girlie! FINALLY! Good luck with all of it! Yaaaaaaayyy~very happy for u. XOXO

The Dreamer said...

Yeah!!!!! I'm so HAPPY for you!!!! It's about time... that shit took forever!!!

goosey said...

oh yeah and i think it's funny but also like "WUT!??" that the woman checked the "multi-racial" box and THEN showed u for approval! like, dude, she couldn't have just asked first? it's not offensive or anything... just weird, haha. I put a link to ur blog from mine, hehe.

TL said...

That's fantastic news! Really happy that things are finally going your way. It's been a long time comin!

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