Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Behind in blog mentality...

In my mind, there are several blog posts I want to write:

1. The fun blog post: how great my weekend was, what fun events I went to, and some pics to go along with it (soon enough, cuz G still has my laptop)


2. The serious blog post.

I should have written the fun one yesterday, seeing as it was Monday, and a nice follow-up day to the weekend, but I just didn't have any time. There's a newbie at work (her name is Sharon) and for some odd reason, apparently, me working here for just a little over a year qualifies me to be a trainer. So all yesterday, in addition to the main project I am working on to have done by the end of the year (December 31st to be exact) and all my other daily things that go on - I was training this newbie on how to set up a new loan. We only got through half of the stuff that we needed to, mainly because I had told her in the beginning of the day that I would get to her stuff after lunch. I still really haven't completed everything that I need to (and I know I really have no basis to complain since I am now using this quality time to blog).

The weekend was fun. Eventful. Friday night we (Oppa, Kuya, D, Smitty, me and yes *gasp* even J) went to go support DJ G at Ultrabar in DC. It was G's first time spinning in a DC club atmosphere, and he needed a big crowd in order to insure a possibility to a permanent gig. So we all came out to show our love for our friend.
He rocked the house of course, and it was so much fun to see everybody hanging out and interacting and all. Kuya came with Y unni and her friend Su. (Big pimpin' Kuya!) I will post pics later when I get my laptop back from DJ G (also my computer whiz master).
As we were leaving, I left with DJ G, and got into his car, and as we were taking off onto 295, we hit a pothole (and if you're counting, this is the 2nd time G has hit that pothole on 295). And his tire got a huge hole in it (one so big that he could stick his finger through it) so he had to call the BMW maintenance people.
Meanwhile, I am calling D who is in the car with Smitty to tell him what happened. J is already on his way home, and texting me to make sure that everything is okay.
D comes back to 295 with Smitty in his car, and decides to take me back to his place with Smitty so Smitty can go home, and I can wait it out.
By the time we drive back to Laurel, G is still waiting for the tow truck, and so D and I get back into his car and drive back to the portion of 295 that G got stuck.
An hour and a half later, a tow truck arrives and I had passed out at that point from exhaustion. I was so tired.
When I finally woke up, I was in D's car, following the tow truck that had G in it, with his car, to the BMW of Towson place.
Once the tow truck dropped off G's car there at the dealer's, we all piled into D's car, headed over to G's parents' place and G & I hopped into his new (old as hell) green Ford Ranger.
I think we were lucky that the Ranger was running at all.
By 8:10 am I got home successfully, said good bye to G, and climbed the stairs to my room and passed out until around 11.
Got up, and got ready to go to Artscape by 2. Took a cab from my place in Dundalk to Artscape (which by the way, pissed me off that it was like $35 because the guy decided to take the loooong ass way, of course) and then hung out there by myself for about an hour until my old high school buddy, The Timness, came to hang out.
I hadn't seen The Timness since I graduated like four years ago so it was nice to see him, we took pictures, grabbed some drinks and ended up walking around the festival for a while. J met us up there and he grabbed a drink and before long, The Timness had to go and then The Dreamer met J and I and we walked around with two of J's beautiful little nieces. (yes yes, pics will be posted later)
Sunday: was Ang's Birthday Lunch!! It was great to see everyone again, and be able to hang out and stuff. Ang's doesn't look a day older than 18. :-D
Overall it was a fun-filled weekend and it definitely helped me take off a lot of the stress that has been going on lately. I was able to not focus so much on the bad stuff that was running through my mind and just have lots of fun.
Wishing that today was definitely Friday though... this week has the feeling of it going by very slowly for me....


Jeff Simmermon said...

Hey there -- thanks for the comment on my blog. Re: Virgin Fest -- I went as part of the press through work, so didn't have to pay for parking. I also caught a ride up from DC with a friend from work.

If you live in DC, I'd recommend trying Craigslist for a ride -- or renting a car.

Jeff Simmermon said...

It's just part of the ticket price, unfortunately. Although if you carpool with other people, it breaks up the cost ... and helps the environment!

Thanks for your compliments on the pics -- I had a great time taking them.

goosey said...

Oh my goodnesssssssss... What a weekend for you! "DJ G" and his pothole, huh? I didn't know "DJ G" switched to a Beemer~ Girl, I can't wait til u get a car so u can stop grabbing expensive cab rides just to go out!