Tuesday, July 31, 2007

For the Fear of Instant Ramen

So after reading the blog comment from Goosey today, I started second guessing my love of Instant Ramen (Is it really that bad for your health? How could something so ingenious, so affordable, so...so instant - be the cause of my hair woes?) I ultimately decided that I should take a brief hiatus (at least until Dr. C sees me on Friday morning) from my beloved penny-saving meal.

And then I came home. Bah...it's become the worst part of my day since moving in here. Although I haven't had too many encounters of the STRA[PSYCHO]NGE kind in the most recent times, I have however, begun to really hate the fact that I don't have any room in my room. To do anything. But that's a side note.

On top of the fact that I don't have any room to store anything - I had gotten it into my head that I would come home and nuke my noodles that I had cooked the night before. Just as I had began to salivate in my mouth for the delectable taste of buttered noodles with pepper (I love pepper on buttered noodles, so there)...I romp into the kitchen only to find that the MICROWAVE IS BROKEN!

*GASP* How dare the microwave be broken. Of all freakin' days...

I rummaged through my one cupboard that I was allotted downstairs to find something that was tasty, easy, and didn't require a microwave. *cue heavenly lightbulb-just-turned-on-music*

This is what awaited me, this is what stared me straight in the face.

How could I resist? It's been an hour since I have eaten the delicious instantaneous life support, and thus far, no further hair has fallen out...yet.

If tomorrow another bald spot appears, I am blaming it on Goosey, and the Instant Ramen. Damn it. :-P :-)

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goosey said...

Heehee, yeah I actually researched online, becuz I ate sooo much freakin instant ramen & my mom used to tell me all these horror stories about how instant ramen has WAX in it & stuff... Well, I don't think it has WAX but it's totally empty calories & if u use the seasoning, it could be too much sodium for ur good. But no nutrients/vitamins means nothing to support your body except that you felt full from eating it. Don git me wrong, I still eat it but I throw a bunch of crap into it... at least some eggs :-P Hahahahaha