Monday, March 26, 2007

Death to Verizon! (and other random things)

I, no...I loathe Verizon Wireless. I have had this VCAST LGV8100 only since November and already it broke - it just completely copped out on me. Won't even let me charge it. And although I do have insurance on the phone - I feel it's a lost cause to spend $50.00 to get the same crappy ass phone sent to me so it can break yet again for the THIRD time in just five months. Yes, third time. Oh, and yes, just five months.

I am not rough with my phone, to assure you. It sits nestled safely in my purse for 95.9% of the time. And for good reason, for in the past two years - I have demoted my cell phone time to answering calls from my parents, and random text messages that I rarely ever get to answer. And even so much in the last few months - have left the ringer to silent due to always seeming to being at work. Thus, no real extensive usage has been brought to my phone to force its submission to technical difficulties. Especially ones that involve the smaller metal piece (it probably has a technical term but one that I have failed to recognize...personally, I don't give half a rat's ass because either way this phone is the biggest piece of crap on the planet) that is at the bottom of the phone to help it receive the charge from the electrical charger. The piece just slips out of the phone like it wasn't even fastened properly to begin with. Which is probably wasn't. Piece of shit. now I either have to go to the store to get a new phone...and sign a new 2 year contract or buy a new phone at full price without the contract, or send the phone back for $50.00 to my insurance company to get a new replacement.

As I have already covered the replacement option's negative aspects above, this is how the others fair:

1. New 2-year contract w/ new phone: 'bout Hellllllll DOUBLE no. Anyone who knows me has heard me say over and over again "I can't wait till June, I'm switching to Cingular. Can't wait till June..." That's when my contract is up. Did I mention I cannnnnnot wait?

2. Buy a new phone at full price: Seeing as my cheap and college loan-ridden ass cannot bear to pay the early cancellation fee, this is a no brainer. Absolutely no way will there be anyone seeing me in a Verizon store in the near future dishing out $87.00 for a basic new phone.

Oh, and another thing - I have a VCAST mp3 player phone...that I haven't used VCAST on for a year and a half. Because why? Oh SUCKS. Thus, there might be a slight possibility that I might be phone-less for the next three months for the sake of either being broke or cheap. Or slightly both.

Onto more happy issues:

Did I ever mention I got a 99% on my midterm? Freakin' awesome surprise that was.

This past weekend I went to a surprise baby shower for A.B.'s sixth edition(& addition) to the Bunch. It was super sweet and she was super surprised. No one really thought she would be, but when she came over and grabbed my arm and was slightly nervously shaking, well, no one could fake surprise that well. So yay to that very adult 12-year old for pulling that party together! It was ultimately a great success.

As a side note, what is up with these 12-year olds? At one point in the party, there was this Ralph Lauren purse that was ringing and Kish brought it out to find whose it was. To which this short-skirt wearing, tight top-wearing teeny bopper replies "oh, yeah...thanks!"

A cell phone? Whose calling you? And a Ralph Lauren purse? Whaaa?

Hehe, my Amusement Award goes to TL for her immediate question: "Is it a real one or one of those five-digit kind?"

Which by the way...
To reiterate my excitement: I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!
Besides that -

Thank God for beautiful weather yesterday. My computer crashed again and I had to go to the library to finish my paper for class. Ugh. But I picked up some awesome'll keep me busy and occupied this week.

Happy Monday, people!

-From your neighborhood angry, annoyed-with-Verizon, computer-less, college-broke friend: EJ.


Ji In said...

I have the same phone. My VX8100 has the crappiest battery ever. I charge it, it says it's fully charged, then if I open it to use it to do anything whatsoever, it's down to 1 bar 30 seconds later. WTF?

I've had it for almost 2 years now, so I'm looking forward to ditching it and am currently drooling over the LG EnV, although it's doubtful that will be in my financial future. Booo.

Braving the Arirang said...

Yeah Ji In - can you imagine that the guy at the Verizon store told me so non-chalantly "oh yeah we've had a REAL problem with that phone. But they never recalled it."

Apparently, nearly everyone who had that model at one point or another had charging issues with it. He said that they created an upscale model - but whatever, although I love the LG EnV too, I am with you on the financial part of it.

Ji In said...

Geez, that's what I get for buying it the day it was released. I should have waited for the bad reviews. Although I'm still a sucker for LG...

TL said...

Thanks YOU! How do you feel about babysitting TWO?