Monday, March 26, 2007

There was a reason I loved this blog...

Props to Latoya Peterson, correspondent for Racialicious for this awesome article.

Have you ever wondered "where the white women at?" ...Apparently, Details magazine knew all along. Who woulda thought it?

I think my favorite quote is this:

“The fantasy goes both ways,” he explains. “The women get to fuck our guys while their husbands watch, and we get to fuck rich white women, really mutt ‘em out. It works! But people in this lifestyle are affluent—I’m talking judges, CEOs, FBI agents, important people—so before they invite a bunch of black men into their homes, they want to know they’re safe, they’re not going to get robbed, and everyone is discreet. So that’s what I provide—a gentleman in the street and a thug in the bedroom.” - Art Hammer, head of the "Mandingos"

Ahhh...Jeeeesus, could it get any better? Who is this luscious Art Hammer and how did he know that that's what "rich white women" really want? "...a gentleman in the street and a thug in the bedroom"...Langston Hughes in turning in his poetic grave as we speak for Hammer's eloquent statement.

What better way to spend the last few minutes of my work day by reading "Meet the Mandingos"...

This article goes right up there with my Dad's own recent statement addressing the large amount of bi-racial children in Korea's orphanages (mixture of mostly American soldiers and Korean women):

"You know it wasn't the American soldiers' know those Korean women were standing there with their tits hanging out and their legs spread saying "Me give you boom boom for a dolla!" on the streets"

God Bless America for allowing my parents to adopt me (their Korean daughter) in all their racial ignorant glory.


mr guy said...

Wow your dad actually said that?Just wow...

Braving the Arirang said...

Unfortunately, yes. I think my parents have successfully removed my racial identity from their thoughts and clearly view me as their "adopted white girl" know, albiet they "purchased" me from South Korea...and I look absolutely nothing like them - yet they still don't understand why I would be so offended.

He also made a reference in the same conversation about me returning to North Korea...hmm, I guess he didn't pay attention to keenly when he filled out the adoption papers 21 years ago.