Friday, March 9, 2007

To get to the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain

So my life has been less than perfect recently.

But last night I got a 98% on my quiz, and I feel pretty confident about the mid-term next week - so despite everything else going on, my education hasn't been squandered. And besides, I know that through and through, I will make it to see the rainbow at the end of all this, just as I have done those dozens of times before.

Work has been alright, bearable. Just tedious, but I guess that's how work is supposed to be.

Overall, I'd say I am having an okay day today. It's Friday. Gotta go home and reclean my room - I have piles of junk everywhere and I know half of those bills are old that are in that upper drawer. Plus, I want to finish my laundry before the guys come home and put their smelly stuff in.

More later though...after work possibly. There's a dead on story I gotta share about my history teacher. :-)

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Ryan said...

Hey, Em. There is a rainbow for you after the rain- I know it. :) And I'm sure at the end of your rainbow is a pot of gold, you deserve it.

What's the story with the history teacher?

I had kind of a bad Saturday...