Monday, March 5, 2007

Mondays & Other Idle Ramblings

What is it with Mondays? Seriously. I don't think that it would make such a difference if the weather patterns didn't correlate with how I feel so damn much.

For instance, this past weekend = GORGEOUS! The sun was shining, we had clear skies, birds were singing - yada, yada, yada (Perfect weather for a beautiful baptism, by the way.) But's Monday again and what?! It's freakin' cold as ever outside. Freakin' wind chills, freakin' slight overcast. What's up with that? My only consolation this morning was a slight hint of sunshine piercing through the clouds and reflecting off the building. But did I feel that sunshine's warmth? NO! Of course not.

So what lesson have we learned from the weatherman? Well, nothing extraordinary or anything like that. Mostly what we already knew which is that: weekends = awesome weather for an awesome, relaxing period of two days and weekdays = nasty, cold, dismal days in which we head back to the grind to sit on our asses and ...well, write blogs all day. (:-))

Besides that I have to write this paper on the establishment of the Maryland colony and its downfalls and all that bologna. Is this kind of knowledge really going to help me when I become a P.A.? Unless I am consulting my patient who just happens to be a descendant of the Calvert family, probably not. It's truly ridiculous and if the teacher wasn't so damn cool then I'd truly procrastinate until the night before and just write crap on a page. But I feel like, hey, the dude is 85 years old (yes, that's right I have an 85-year old teacher), I should at least give him the decency of a well-written paper.

Although, his cool factor totally went down a notch when he was handing out topics for our term paper and he gave me "The Life and Times of Dolly Madison" (Okay, insert a WTF?! right here) Dolly Madison? What did she ever do for this country besides be James Madison's wife? (Okay, wait, I am sure she did some terrific accomplishments in her time but it's not like she's Adams' wife who started those - Jeeesus, what were they called? Some kind of house where the lower class could stay...wasn't that it? Haha, can you tell I am quite the history buff?) So I asked him to give me another topic, for his sake and mine.

He said alright, what about "The Glorious Revolution in England and its effects on Maryland"?

...Okay, I'll take that one. Begrudgingly, but I'll take it.

Thus, back to the monotonous grind that is ...the work week. Behold! All you memos, money transfers, advances and office supplies! 'Tis another five days of your hell being bestowed upon me so that I may pay my bills.

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