Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Yesterday was my Mom's birthday [age will remind classfied information]. Two weeks ago my little sister emailed me while I was at work and asked me if I could help her plan a surprise birthday party for Mom (since she had heard that J's birthday surprise had been a success...she figured I had experience).

[A little aside, what's up with all these 12-year olds throwing parties? My sister is not just the only one that I know of. I would like to count around four kids that I have come to me with party ideas, or party planning - and I am like "whaaa?"]

Anyways, I helped my sister find a place that made sugar-free cakes (Mom's diabetic) and also ordered the food from Baja Fresh to be catered for the family at the house.

Then my goal was to get my Mom out of the house for the entire day yesterday. So I took off work, and told her that just this year, I would go out with her on her special day and take her to a nice lunch and whatnot. She obliged.

You see, it's tremendously difficult to get my Mother to go out anywhere. One, because even though she'll deny it, she likes to pull out on plans on the last second. She has this knack of always having so much pile up on one day that it's hard for her to commit to anything. But I kept guilting her because I had taken a full work day off...haha, very rare for me.

We went to the mall since she decided she wanted to make an appointment to get her eyebrows done. And then she insisted that I get mine done, too. Since it's the woman's birthday, I decided to go along with it. Well, anyone who knows me, and knows what I look like, would know that I have little to no eyebrows at all. When I sat down at the chair, the woman looked at me, had my tilt my head back and asked with expectation, "Have you...tweaked before?"

Me: "No"

Her: "No?" (incredulously)

Me: "Nope, these are my eyebrows - or lack thereof - that were God's gift to me"

Her: "Alright, let's see what we can do."

25 minutes later. Wa La! I have eyebrows. It was so weird looking at myself. Dude, c'mon... 21 years without eyebrows and in 25 minutes I get these bushy looking things above my eyes? It definitely made a big difference - but I am still not used to it at all. I guess it takes a while.

My Mom sat down in her chair to get ready to get her eyes done while I wondered around the makeup counters. Deadly, those makeup counters are. Let me just say, that yesterday, destiny brought me and this little ole bottle of SPF 15 tinted moisturizer by Mac together for the first time...and boy was it love at first sight. Jeeesus. I felt like one of those infomercials this morning when I was putting it know the ones where they are like "And then the dryness/redness and blemishes just...DISAPPEAR!" ....Dude, they totally did. Completely. Utterly. Wa La! Gone! Poof!

Also bought this killer lip gloss by Mac. Freakin' awesome stuff.

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