Thursday, March 29, 2007

Last Laugh on Verizon! [please insert most evil, vindictive laugh you can muster]

It took me over 10 minutes of waiting in a ridiculously long line + a 40 minute dinner with my father + 5 minutes of "Oh, I am so sorry Ms. Behles, we forgot to upload all your contacts into your phone for you."

Hm...was never good at math, but let me see if I can do this: 10 min + 40 min + 5 min = an OBSCENELY LONG TIME!!!!! Jeeesus...

And the 40 minute dinner with my father...him starting on me about how he hadn't eaten any breakfast, nor had he eaten any lunch at all that day - "Oh, but it's okay. Don't you worry about your fossil-like father." Was this just like those random "I only have $2.00 worth of gas...your mother won't allow me anymore money. But don't you worry about me..." conversations? Knowing well and good I would worry. Of course I'd worry. Ugh. Congrats, it worked. I told him I'd get him some dinner, and we'd sit down at a restaurant and eat decent food. A part of me laughs inwardly at those nature vs. nurture psychologists: "TAKE THAT!" (I refuse to be seen as cold-hearted as my mother tends to be seen with her own family members, simply because she raised me doesn't mean I have to be like her in anyway)

Yes, but onto the most satisfying thing - ahhh, my new LGV8300:

Pretty sleek, eh?
Eh, technically, a new phone + free of charge = a real good thing. Especially since I only have 3 more months of my contract and I am FREE!! FREE to fly to the Land of Cingular. Where there are acres of free land, relief from religious persecution...erm, wait, wrong place and time. Regardless though, my trek to the "New World" of Cingular/"The New AT&T" (which consequently is not so new) will be blessed one. Not to mention a very save-me-money choice.
Out of the very few people that I text or call right now: 99.99% are Cingular customers. That means my bill is 99.99% higher than it should be. And now being the last of the Verizon Mohican's (Thanks G...for LEAVING ME last month! ...and displaying your new-found spangled Cingular glory at Greenfield while playing glowstick/cell phone magic tricks with M!) I am desperately lagging behind the rest.
Come fast, June! Hurry!
PS. On a side note, shout-out to TL on this one: Everytime I get this damn catalogue in the mail (I am a subscriber to the Women's Catalogue so they automatically send me the Kids as well) I can picture Ryder-bear in these clothes, romping around like the little fashionable and stylish man that he is: MiniBoden.
Don't ask me why...I just do. hehe


Ji In said...

Nuh uh! *jealous* Damn.

I like the black so much better than the blue & silver VX8100. Nice!

Braving the Arirang said...

Ahh, no need to be jealous, Ji in... would be totally open to sending you the phone when I am done with it in three months.