Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Mojitos from a Ninja

There's something unmistakable about a great vibe. Whether it be among friends, among strangers, in the snack food aisle of the grocery store, or just you, your car, and miles and miles of highway. Regardless - wherever that great vibe is, good times are sure to follow.

Kudos to the mojito-making ninja skills of The Scott in his swanky new pad. I felt bad that it had taken me so long to visit his "new" (not so new by the time I had seen it) house but it was well worth the anticipated wait. (His bedroom looks like the bastard child of an IKEA showfloor. No, I mean, seriously.) I have yet to meet another single man growing not only a rose garden but a kick-ass overflowing garden and array of herbs, and sprigs of every type of mint you could think of.

And the mojitos! Yes! Even though it was ten o' clock at night, and we were inside, just sipping those damn things made you think you were outside, on a lawn chair, enjoying the warm summer sun. Good, good - no, damn good times.

The soundtrack to set off this evening? "Silence-Remix" - Sarah MacLachlan. Okay, so I never said I'd ever give up my trancehead days. :-)


One Little Seedling said...

I looooove mojito's!!! Perfect summer drink.

Braving the Arirang said...

Amen to the mojitos! They truly are THE summer drink! And they taste so good going down, nice and cold. Minty fresh.