Wednesday, June 13, 2007

So this is what I stole from Grace...

Why? Because I love this damn picture. I can't really explain why. It just rules.

J and I went to go see Ocean's Thirteen. I have come to the distinct conclusion that they must stop making third movies of anything unless it's part of a trilogy (Star Wars, LOTR, etc.) or part of a book series (Harry Potter) where the writer set out with the intention of making the plots span across a huge timeline of cinema.

Otherwise, it just ends up feeling like you're watching the first movie all over again.

Don't get me wrong - I won't pass up a chance to see Clooney and Pitt (hell and even Damon) share the big screen together. Especially while they are looking suave, debonair and oh-so-charimatic in their high-fashion suits and smirk-wearing facades. Who doesn't love a fast yet smooth talking high stakes thief?

<- One of the funnier scenes of the movie.

But it doesn't leave much to the imagination. You take eleven thieves (each one crafted in their own skill, known for their own specialty or whathaveyou) and then add one, and yet another to the pot - what do you get? Just more intelligent thieves. Stealing more money. Oh, and perhaps a painting, or some diamonds or jewels while they are at it.

Overall, it wasn't a terribly sucky movie. It was quite entertaining. And of course, full of its little humorous parts. It just tended to be predictable, I guess you might say.

It'd be cool if they ended their winning streak here. I am sure they will. I don't foresee Hollywood making yet a fourth edition to the Ocean Trilogy.

Besides, nobody does it better than Sinatra anyway. ;-)

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